David Zencos’ Pure Beeswax Candles contain three ingredients; pure beeswax, 100% cotton wick and lots of Aroha. Our wax comes directly from beekeepers of Te Ika A Maui. It is molten and hand-dipped in the heart of the Hukerenui Forest. We use a sustainable, waste-free and ancient dipping process when making our candles. They burn slow and bright, allowing us to take a little bit of Rā into our beloved Whares. Treat yourself to a long candlelit dinner, quality time at your altar, or blissful relaxation in your bathtub. Enjoy a warming honey scent and air cleansing properties while enlightening your life with our beautiful and uniquely shaped candles. 

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David Zencominierski

David Zencominierski is a multi-skilled generalist from Germany on a quest to return back to the land. Making beeswax candles is a passion amongst other things such as building alternative structures, sailing, travel and facilitating sound journeys.