Integrative Life and Relationship Coaching

There are many ways to improve our lives and manifest our desires but few paths will lead so directly to transformational growth than personal coaching does. It’s an opportunity to go all-in on yourself, to be so committed to your expansion that you finally say yes to your dreams. Yes to being held accountable, yes to healing, yes to being seen, yes to being heard, yes to receiving the love and support you deserve.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” - Tony Robbins


Private Coaching Session

We all need a helping hand now and then, some guidance and support. Our individual coaching offer is an opportunity to say yes to yourself. A chance to take your goals, dreams, and desires off that dusty shelf, unpack them and start living them! However big or small your desires may seem, step by step, we can support you to manifest them.


Relationship Coaching Session

Healthy, vibrant relationships are at the core of a joyful life. When we live in harmony with our loved ones, success flows easefully into all other areas of our being. Knowing how to invigorate our life with prosperous relationships is a skill, and we all need a little guidance here and there. Wherever you are right now in your relationship, we can offer you the tools to go deeper.



Mhana is a powerful Priestess and Life Coach with a passion for supporting you to embody freedom, connect with your innate power, and take full ownership of your life in every way. Deep and immersive journeys into the realms of Sacred Sexuality, Somatic Therapies, Temple Arts, Holistic Health, Natural Lore, The Feminine Mysteries, The Occult, Polyamory, and Conscious Relating have equipped Mhana with a wealth of experience to guide and support you on your journey of expansion with compassion, true care, and fierce love.


Anarchy Awakening

Anarchy - From the Greek Prefix an"without; the absence of" and the Greek noun archon "master, ruler"

Anarchy literally means "without ruler" or, to put it a different way; 


As we transition from a system built on fear, oppression, and slavery into a new era of sovereignty, freedom, fierce love, and empowerment, we have some intense and profound self-work to do.

Right now, most of humanity is stuck in the matrix, trapped in a prison of fear. There will be no freedom from this prison until we learn how to vibrate True Freedom and Anarchy through every cell in our bodies. When we follow this vibration with aligned action, we will manifest like never before.

To ensure we don't revolve around and repeat history once again but instead move forward to create the world of our dreams, we must face our most significant challenge yet; we must become the world we want to see. We must become the life we want to create for ourselves.

Life re-arranges itself around our vibration. 

Through our body; our vehicle of divine expression here on earth, we will vibrate this new era of freedom into existence together. We will access the unlimited power source within us and radiate it worldwide. We are the solution to the chaos. It starts inside us, now.

If this sounds like a path you wish to travel, then get in touch, and let's walk it together.


Work With Mhana

Do you want to;

Step fully into your power and create the life and relationship/s you deserve?

Learn how to align with Truth, trust your intuition and create True Freedom in your life?

Get out of your head and into your body! - Feel alive, in-tune, in pleasure, and in love?

​Awaken your inner Anarchist and stand as a self-governing sovereign being?

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